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"your password is weak" fuck you

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Can we all take the time to admit that we all cried like freaking babies at the start of Star Trek 2009. 

Reminder that Benedict Cumberbatch admitted he did.

One of the only movies that goes from zero to feels in like 0.000001 seconds.

also we can’t forget that Thor and Emma Swan are the parents of Jim Kirk

I’m fucking crying right now just from seeing the gifset damn it

Sweetie if you think that’s Emma Stone, you got another think coming

Learn how to read omfg

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hey science side of tumblr there’s a load of blood in my ear what’s up with that

it’s bleedin

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one time a boy tried to pull my hijab off

i punched him in the face

closed fist, short swing, right in the jaw

there is a point where you stop trying to educate people and start making the consequences of their racist bullshit real fuckin clear.

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  • White people: terrorists? From the Middle East? All brown people no exceptions.
  • White people: Jesus Christ? From the Middle East? White. Obviously.
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